Dress Code 2017 18

           DRESS CODE

Shirts:  All students will wear a polo shirt with a collar.   Shirts must be buttoned with the exception of the top button at the neck.   The shirt collar must be visible at all times. Shirts may have STAA logo or other logo/label as long as it is not distracting or offensive and no larger than a 3” square.

Middle/High School Color: Any solid color (no stripes)
Elementary Color: Solid white or navy

Sweaters: Cardigan, zip or button, crew neck or V-neck pullover.   Sweaters may have St. Thomas Aquinas logo or other logo/label provided it is not distracting or offensive and is no larger than a 3” square.
Middle/High School Color: Any solid color (no striping)
Elementary Color: Solid white or navy
Sweatshirts: Any St. Thomas Aquinas sweatshirt (hooded or crew) will be allowed.
Other sweatshirts may have a logo/label that is located on the hem, sleeve, lapel or pocket area, and no larger than 3” square provided a shirt collar is visible at all times.
Middle/High School Color: Any solid color (no striping)
Elementary Color: Solid white or navy
Pants: Twill pants with an appropriate waist with no skin showing.
Leggings, denim, and yoga pants are not allowed.  Cargo pants are allowed with close fitting pockets. Capri pants are allowed for girls.   Pants should not be tight. Undergarments may not be visible, and pants must be worn at the waistline.
Colors:   Navy or khaki
Jumpers: Elementary School Only   (Grades PK-6)
Style: To the knee; tights or shorts should be worn underneath.
Color: Navy blue or khaki, not plaid
Shorts: To the knee; can be worn only from April through October.
Color:   Navy blue or khaki
Shorts are not to be worn on Mass day
Shoes: Shoes with toes and heels covered.
Flip flops, slippers, slides, moccasins, crocs and heely shoes are not permitted.
Heels should be no more than two inches in height.
Athletic Game Day: On game days, team members may wear official uniform tops as their coaches allow.
If the uniform top is sleeveless, a shirt with sleeves must be worn underneath.
Mass Day: All students will wear white polos with uniform pants.
No hooded sweatshirts, capris, or shorts.
School Pride Day: Thursday will be School Pride Day.
Students can wear Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy apparel tops.
Non-Uniform Days:


Administration will continue to designate certain days throughout the year.
Jean style must follow appropriate pant dress code (no, spandex, leggings, yoga pants). Only jeans with no holes or rips allowed.     T-shirts and sweatshirts allowed.
Any printing on clothing should be in good taste.   Shorts may be worn if they are uniform shorts or denim shorts; no athletic shorts.
Special Considerations:
*Visible body piercings, except ears, is not allowed.
*Extremes in jewelry and makeup are not allowed.
*Visible tattoos are never allowed.
*Hair color must be natural tone.
*No hats allowed in school.
These guidelines do not cover every possible situation. Questionable attire or appearance will be referred to an administrative team member. Since styles of clothing and hair changes rapidly, the administration reserve the right to restrict certain fashions that are inappropriate as well as interpret what is considered to be distracting to the learning environment. 

As uniforms are an integral part of our Catholic School culture, the following corrective procedures will be implemented:
1.     Students deemed not in compliance will be asked to correct the situation.
2.     If the student refuses or is unable to comply, he/she will be referred to the office.
3.     Parent/guardian will be contacted to bring a change of clothing to school or to give permission for the student to go home to           change.
4.     Students who continue to be in non-compliance will receive a discipline referral and further disciplinary action and could be             placed on disciplinary probation, if necessary.

*Approved by STAA Board of Trustees 6/21/2017