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Registration Documents for 2014-2015


 Feb 25

 BBB Regional Game 7 p.m.  HS Gym
 Feb 26  St Norbert English Placement Exam 7:30 a.m. 
 Feb 27  Jean Day
 Mar 6  Hi-Q Match – 1:30 Crivitz 
 Mar 8-16  Spring Break
 Mar 19  Home and School – 6:30 Conference Room
 Mar 21  SVDP- Freezin’ for a Reason
 Mar 23  32nd Annual AUCTION
 Mar 27  Corporate Board Meeting  
 Mar 28  CCAC Fish Fry HS Gym 
 April 4  CCAC Fish Fry HS Gym

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St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Accreditation Press Release.

“Wonder is the desire for knowledge”

St. Thomas Aquinas