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Jeanne Amory
Jean Plouff Anderson
Paul and Faye Archambault
Jamie and Katie Benson
Judith (Judy) Beyer
Margo Bissen
Tom Boyle
David and Teresa Brostowitz
Janet Marie Callow
Marion Carvenough
Chris Caselton
Alice Chevalier
Susan Childs
Barbara (Sauve) Christian, Class of 1954
The Class of 1975
The Class of 2012
Jim and Carolee Cox
Raymond Darga
Dave and Kathy Denby
Thomas F. Dory
Sandy (Lemire) Dubovenko
Ken Falkenberg
Jerry and Cecile Faller
Tom & Karen Farrell
Richard and Carol Faucett
Joe Fournier
Friend of the Academy
Michael Goyette
Juli Gruenke
Christine (Reidinger) Hass
Mary Ellen Trottier Hebert
Viette Hornick
In Honor of Members of the Class of ’54, living and dead In Honor of the Class of 1975
In Honor of the Sisters of Notre Dame
In Memory of Werner Aissen
 In Memory of Mike Beland
In Memory of Bernadette Bradford & Beata Schueller
In Memory of Margaret Boivin
In Memory of Harvey and Niola Borman
In Memory of Tony Edlbeck
In Memory of John Falk, Jr. Class of 1976
In Memory of Ethel (Langer) Hannot ’42
In Memory of Nancy Kuehl Hofer
In Memory of the Harper-Hunting-Walters-Boville Families
In Memory of Francis and Eldora Jacques
In Memory of Richard John (class of ’56)
and Roberta (John) Sulk (class of ’74)
In Memory of Don and Katherine Kehoe
In Memory of Bernard (Bernie) Kloida, class of 1952
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lauerman
In Memory of John and Clarice Plouff
In Memory of Jane Murphy Ryan
In Memory ofConnie Warras
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Zahorik
Jean Jarmusz
Joan M. Johnson
Stephen Karasti
Ken and Kathy King
Mary Ann Klumb
Cindy Kramer
Tom and Sandy Kuber
James M. Lahiff
Joe Lauer
Steve and Marcia Linser
Linda L. Loser
Donald and Judith (Olsen) Mailloux
Weichel Maloney
Marinette Catholic Central Foundation
Marinette Knights of Columbus, Council 719
Jane Mattsen
Susan (Leannah) McAllister
Kelly and Carolyn McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. James Mellen
Kent Meyer
Carol (Roland) Meyers
The Motor Company
Father Jack Mullarkey
Judith Reidinger Munson
Phil and Becky Noble
Ellen (Rynish) and Jerry Olson
Frank and Deborah O’Rourke
Holy Family Parish
John Clark Payne
Tim and Carolyn Pelzek
Dan and Barb Peterson
Michael and Kay Piasecki
Anne Plouff
Robert Plouff
The Plume
Don & Karen Rasmussen
Ted and Agnes Sauve
Patricia Wendell Finnessy Scoggins
Glenn Seyfert
L. William Stausdenmaier
Francis X. St. Peter
Carol B. Tenner
Jerome and Clarice Thetreau
Lawrence Theisen
Pam Thompson
Mary Trautner
Glen A. Verstegen
Ken and Toni Vieth
Tiffany Willacker
Mary Woleske